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Poppy in Burberry

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Today’s Burberry girl is Poppy


Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

We got our first glimpse at the new Burberry campaign over the weekend and we have three stunning pictures to post this week from the Spring/Summer 09 range.

Today is Molly. Tomorrow we will post pictures of Poppy and we have another picture of Molly to post on Thursday.

Harry in White Company

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Harry is in the new White Company catalogue making his “perfect first bedroom” look very comfy. He keeps it a great deal cleaner than my room! Must be the shelving space.

Cath Kidston

Monday, February 9th, 2009

The new Cath Kidston catalogue arrived at Urban Angels HQ this morning. Amidst the floral prints, tea pots, deck chairs and wellington boots stood a Bunny and a Snowman.

It is those two figures that we’re concerned with as Luella (Bunny) and Oriana (Snow-person) are of cause Urban Angels! True mark of modelling is dodging the pit falls of not looking ridiculous in fancy dress… excellent work Angels, you managed to steal the show!

Lilyana in John Lewis

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Lilyana is in the John Lewis catalogue along side some pretty mammoth animal toys!!

Millie in Mini Boden

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

The new (and very London themed) Mini Boden catalogue arrived at our door this morning stocked full of lovely bits; i’d hope that Mikey will be in skull and crossbones trainers by the spring!

Millie took part in the MAMOUTH shoot and we think the long day was worth it as the photos are lovely!

Macy in Avon

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Macy’s mum was kind enough to send us in a copy of the latest Avon catalogue that has Macy on the cover in true Angel fashion!!

There are a couple of other very nice pictures inside as well, including Macy in the “Twinkle Twinkle necklace”.

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