January 18th, 2010





Here’s Kai (blue tracksuit), Teddy (red and black tracksuit) and Ben (purple top) looking ‘very’ cool.


Marks and Spencers

January 14th, 2010




Look who we came across on the Marks and Spencers website, it’s Isis


Nintendo Wii

January 14th, 2010





Sofia looking beautiful in the Nintendo Wii and DS brochure.


Cico Books

January 13th, 2010





Kaiona had a great time on the Cico Books shoot, she got dressed up as a ladybird, a fairy princess and even a cupcake! Every little girls dream! 


Send us your snowmen!!

January 13th, 2010

It’s so nice to see so many of you getting out and about playing in the snow! Molly’s mummy sent us this great picture of Molly and well….the BEST snowman we have seen so far, complete with hat, scarf, welly boots and even a cup of tea! Send us in your lovely snowy pictures!! 



January 13th, 2010





We found these very cute shots of baby Olivia on the Joules website.


New Look

January 11th, 2010




Here’s Harry, Ethan and Alice putting the geek into chic for the New Look lookbook! What amazing shots, you all look fabulous!



January 11th, 2010



Who’s got talent? It looks like it’s our Urban Angels! Ellisha, Indigo and Demi spent the day mucking around with Piers Morgan for the NPower shoot. Check out these fantastic pictures from the shoot. 



January 11th, 2010




Here’s little Jimi on the website for Tomy’s Egg Parade. 


Boots Parenting Club

January 11th, 2010






Look who it is on the front cover of Boots Parenting Club magazine, it’s Okeri



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