Barca FC

January 11th, 2010




Morgan and Abigail looking very cool on the Barca FC website. You can find them in the ‘join us’ section. 


Mini Boden

November 23rd, 2009




We found these gorgeous pictures of Emily on the Boden spring preview website. 


Tesco Magazine

November 23rd, 2009





Here’s Alic and his real Mummy and Daddy in Tesco Magazine.


Out and about

November 23rd, 2009

Justley’s mummy sent us in these pictures of a recent trip to their local M&S. It looks like they spotted a familiar face on more than once occasion!


Tesco Europe

November 17th, 2009




Look at these little cherubs on the Tesco Czechoslovakia website. Reuben (santa suit) , Oliver (stripped top), Amber (pink pajamas) and Sonny (present on his head) all look gorgeous!


Alex and Alexa

November 17th, 2009




We found this gorgeous picture of Biba on the front cover of the Alex and Alexa online magazine. She looks very cute and very Christmassy!



November 17th, 2009




Here’s Kaiona and Mikey looking supercool in these PR shots for Tesco


More crazy hair

November 16th, 2009

Well Alice you’re not getting away that easy! In the battle of the ‘hair factor’ it would seem Alice is one of the front runners sporting a ‘jedward-esk’ style hair do at the New Look shoot. 


Behind the scenes

November 12th, 2009

Oh my goodness look at that hair boys! Harry and Ethan looking very cool behind the scenes at the New Look shoot. 


Tesco Magazine

November 11th, 2009





My my Amerie, thats a lot of presents! Someone has been good this year! Here’s little Amerie and Kai (red jumper) on the Tesco Magazine website looking very cute and getting us all in the christmas spirit. 



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