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The next intake will be September 2024

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We do not accept applications from children already with an agency.

After the consultations we decide who we will offer contracts to. If successful we will offer your child an EXCLUSIVE modelling contract with us for one year and the annual administrative fee is £100. This covers their professional studio photo shoot, inclusion on the website and up to 4 high resolution images from the shoot session, enabling you to have as many prints as you want.

* Please note that if you would like your child registered with both the North and South divisions the annual fee is £125.

Within the website they will have a personal portfolio page that you can view as their parent, and also that our vetted clients can view. No one else has access to these pages as they are password protected. This will also allow you to see what work they are submitted for and whether you need to send updates by logging in regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What work could my child do?

Answer: Child modelling is generally split into two sections;
i. Photographic work - magazines, catalogues, in-store materials, billboards, press adverts, etc.
ii. Television work - commercials, film, music videos.

Question: What Can my child expect to earn on a job?

Answer: For photographic fees all clients vary, but as an approximation. Anything from £40 - £60 per hour or £200 - £300 per day.

For television work fees are approximately £160 - £200 per day. Normally on a TV commercial if your child is used in the final cut they normally get an additional payout, which is called a buyout. This is usually between 300% - 500% of the day rate.

Angel Notes
You are not normally able to claim travel back from castings or shoots. For any television work the chaperon would get a day rate of between £70 - £100.

Question: What Do the Agency take from this?

Answer: A model fee is agreed with the client. When this is paid to Urban Angels, the model will receive 75% of the model fee and Urban Angels keep 25%.

Question: When Do you get paid from a job?

Answer: The model will normally be paid within 30 days of when they do the job, as this is the time we give the client to pay the agency.

Angel Notes
Please note all monies paid will be by direct bank transfer to the child, not parent. It is vital that you start an account in the child's name.

Question: Does my child need a professional portfolio once modelling?

Answer: No. We have online portfolios for all our models. These include any work they do, both photographic and video, and are constantly monitored to keep them as up to date as possible.

Question: Will my child be guaranteed work?

Answer: There is no sure answer to this one, as an agency we can never guarantee that all our models will work. However by having different looking children in each age group with no one too similar means our models do have a higher chance of getting work as internal competition is kept to a minimum. We also look for children we feel have a look that will appeal to our client base.

Question: How often will my child work?

Answer: There is no set amount of jobs per year, it varies and can be dependent on age, size, look, etc., but if any of our models fit a client's brief then their pictures are put forward for the job. Our models can work once a year, once a month or sometimes twice a week.


If there is anything else you would like to know please do email us at north@urbanangelsagency.com or call 0208 249 9242 where one of the guardian angels will help you.
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