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July 6, 2020

Kids Stylist Kate Van Der Hage shares her inside tips on child modelling

Being freelance there is no typical day. Everyday is different... I really enjoy that aspect of it.

My name is Kate, I’m a kids fashion stylist and multi tasking mother to Beau, wife to Dan. We live in South East London (this feels a bit like a dating profile!! Haha!)

I’ve been with Era management (www.eramanagement.com) since i went free lance almost 15 years ago. @katevanderhage

How did you get into kids styling?

I did fashion design and marketing at university and had a placement year which i did in magazines. I loved it. After a few years of work experience I got a job at Junior Magazine which is no more! I was there for a few years and the kids market really grew on me I ended up much preferring the people and the proses so have such with the kids ever since.

What does a typical day involve for you?

Being free lance there is no typical day. Every day is different, a different client, or age group one day you are working with babies the next it could be teens or ten year olds. I really enjoy that aspect of it.

What makes a good child model ?

Some one with a big personality or a big personality thats waiting to get out. Its really lovely to work with the same children and see them become more confident and see them grow up really.

Any words of wisdom for parents wanting to do child modelling?

Don’t push it if they aren’t interested. It can be a hard environment for children to be in if they don’t want to be there. Bring something to do there is always a lot of waiting around on set.

What’s your earliest Childhood Memory?

Wow thats a difficult one…I remember being at play school and my only starring roll in life was Mary in the play, i didnt want to hold hands with Joseph and I didnt want to be in the paper due to a painful kirby grip! I was not cut out for the world of acting fortunately I’m now behind the scenes.

What did you want to be when growing up?

I don’t think I ever thought what I would be but I always like art I was happy to find out there were lots of jobs where you can be creative.

Whats your favourite childrens book?

From when I was young I really loved Roald Dhals Revolting Rhymes now reading to Beau I’m a big fan of Oi Cat or Supertato!

Disney or Pixar ? And What film?

I’m actually not sure of the difference but I do love Toy Story but also the classics. Big Charlie and the chocolate factory fan (The original)

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